Auction Export®
4515 Chesswood Dr, Unit: X,
Toronto, ON M3J2V6  (Widok na Mapie)
Main: +1 416.900.3303
Faks: +1 416.900.3304
Godziny funkcjonowania:
Poniedziałek - Piątek
9:00am Do 6:30pm WCS

9:00am Do 4:00pm WCS
Auction Export® in Ghana
Godziny funkcjonowania:
Accra Office: 2nd Floor, Faaco Complex Building, Opposite Ghana Police Training School (Tesano) Accra
Tel: +1 416.900.3303 | 050-5319337 | 030-2747444
Email: [email protected]

Tema Office: 1st Floor AMOS Plaza Building (former Unique Plaza Building) Adjacent ECOBANK COMM. 1, PO box C.O. 849, TEMA (Behind MTN and ProCredit office)
Tel: +1 416.900.3303 | 020-9086047 | 030-2747444
Email: [email protected]

Kumasi Office: 19/N Atimpong Dechemso (Near Assemblies of God Ghana) PO box K.S. 1908, Kumasi, Ashanti Region.
Tel: +1 416.900.3303 | 020-0935033 | 030-2747444
Email: [email protected]
Poniedziałek - Piątek
8:00am to 6:00pm

11:00am to 1:00pm
Auction Export® in Kazakhstan
DON Motors - официальный представитель в Казахстане
Алматы: Еспаева, 2, 050038, Алматы, Акбулак м-н
Тел: +7 701 775 5011
Sales Department
English +1 416.900.3303 ext: 2 [email protected] Call Sales
Customer Support Department
English +1 416.900.3303 ext: 1 [email protected] Call Customer Support
Spanish +1 416.900.3303 ext: 1 [email protected] Call Customer Support
Arabic +1 416.900.3303 ext: 525 [email protected] Call Customer Support
French +1 416.900.3303 ext: 565 [email protected] Call Customer Support
Russian +1 416.900.3303 ext: 424 [email protected] Call Customer Support
Shipping Department (English / Spanish)
English / Spanish +1 416.900.3303 ext: 3 [email protected] Call Shipping
Collection Department
English +1 416.900.3303 ext: 323 [email protected] Call Collection Dep
Technical Support
If you are having technical problems please contact: [email protected]
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