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To all our valued customers:


First of all thanks for your patience and constant understanding. We would like to inform you that at this time the east part of USA is constantly undergoing through heavy snow storms; generating delays on pick up times as well as the delivery of cars to the exit ports and warehouses. We are doing our best to keep things moving at a fast speed but due to the safety of the drivers and people involved many things got cancelled during the weekend. We will keep our clients updated.

Thank you.



GoLive Real Time Bidding Expansion

Dear Customers!
We have good news for you!
On the 5th of January we have expanded our GO LIVE auctions. You are now able to bid at real time right from the comfort of your own home. Over 30,000 vehicles have been added to the list of cars available for bidding. Don't miss your chance to get a great vehicle at wholesale price!
Please contact us for more information.


Possible port strike

Please be advised that the ILA strike has been postponed until January 28th, 2013 while negotiations are still taking place.
Therefore your cargo may be loaded and shipped until then if nothing changes.
Our warehouse will be receiving cargo as usual starting Thursday, January 4, 2013.  Please make sure to have all your titles and loading instructions ready as their will be a rush to get all the cargo on board in the month of January.
Also we ask that you make sure that your rate quote is valid so there are no delays in shipments.

We would like to thank you for your patience during this period and would like to wish you all a Very Happy New Year!


Great news for Nigeria!

Dear Nigerian clients, we have great news!

New Jersey port has finally resumed working properly and on November 30th, The Grande Gabon vessel has successfuly sailed!

The next Vessel which is expected to sail out of New Jersey is Grande Guinea which is suppose to sail on November 14th!

We thank you for your patience and understanding during these tough times and look forward to doing more business than ever before.

AuctionExport Team



To all our valued customers


Grimaldi lines has cancelled a third vessel from the port of bayonne. We were hoping that this vessel would carry most cars lying in the port but it did not take any vehicles.


So Far the following vessels have been cancelled:


Grande Guinea GGU0812

Suzuka Express SUE1012

Grande Marocco GMA0812 (did not carry any vehicles)

We are hoping that the next vessel Grande Gabon GGA0812 schedule to sail on the 30th will take cargo. But we can't say if they will or not yet.


thank you

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